These ceramic inserts are the high precision dam-bar cutter for IC packaging. It lasts up to 2 times of the carbide  cutting tools.  It will save the total running cost of more than 40% including reduction of downtime and maintenance.

Comparison of Ceramic and Carbide Cutters:  Click Here



  • Hardness:
    • Vickersn 13.5 GPa
    • 210 Ksi (1440 MPa)
    • 8 MPa m ½
  • 4 Point bend strength
  • Fracture Toughness
  • Fully Dense, Non – Porous
  • Single Phase
  • Fine gain size (< 1 micron)
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Light weight – less than half the density of carbide



  • Extremely low wear rates compared to the leading carbide grade – up to 600% longer tool life between resharpenings
  • Maximize press up-time and strokes between resharpenings
  • Reduce scrap up to 80%
  • Resists metal pick-up - fully dense, non-porous body
  • Corrosion resistant – no binder system to be degraded




punch die set


The Trim/Form high precision die set desgined and made for our customers.


Pogo Pin



High precision pogo pin holder.  Dimensioin tolerance of the pins could be +/- 1 micron.