Porous Ceramic Filter Products


Porous Ceramic products are used in in filtration (solid particulate removal), diffusion (gas-gas, gas-liquid, and liquid-liquid mixing), liquid dispersion (wicking) and Fluidizing / Pneumatic conveying and other applications in a wide range of industries. Porous ceramics are more durable in severe environments and their surface characteristics permit them to satisfy very specific requirements.

Unlike other materials, technical ceramic possess the following characteristics:


  1. Very good resistance corrosion and all etching solution.  Depending on the composition, some ceramic may have low resistance to concentrated hydrofluoric acid.
  2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion.  It could withstand up to 500°C.
  3. Uniform micro-porous distribution. It can be made to variety of porous size of up to 50μm according to the user’s requirement.
  4. As it is chemically stable, it will not cause secondary pollution.


Depending on the contaminant, porous ceramic can be cleaned by a variety of methods making them an excellent value product. Like-new performance can often be restored by exposing the ceramic materials to high temperatures or corrosive cleaning treatments.

The sizes of the pores are reanged between 20 micron to 90 micron.